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Leica Sp5

Information about the Leica Sp5.

Available Lasers

Laser Line Power at x20 objective
405nm 0.7mW
458nm NA
488nm 10% of maximum power 0.8mW
514nm 10% of maximum power 0.3mW
561nm 1.6mW
594nm 0.3mW
633nm 2.1mW
Photo of Leica SP5 MP Confocal


  • Leica LAS-AF (Confocal)
  • ISS Vista (FCS)

Available Modules

  • Conventional and Resonant Scanners
  • 5 detection channels (2xHyD)
  • Spectrometers (all visible wavelengths)
  • 8K x 8K image size on conventional scanner
  • 25 frames/sec at 512x512 using resonant scanner


Type Magnification Correction NA
HCX PLAN APO x20 Oil, Water, Lbd Bl 0.7
HCX PLAPO x40 Oil, PH3, CS 1.25
HCX PLAPO x63 W Corr Lbd Bl 1.2
HCX PLAPO x63 Glycerol 1.3
HCX PLAPO x63 Oil CS 1.4
HCX PLAPO x100 Oil 1.46

Supporting Equipment

  • Environmental chamber
  • Temperature control from ambient to 45°C
  • Humidified CO2 concentration 1% to 11%

Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)

  • Single pixel beam positioning
  • Dual channel for Fluorescence Cross Correlation Spectroscopy (FCCS)
  • 3 Filter Sets available
    • GFP/RFP -  Band Pass filters 500-550nm and 607-683nm, Beam Splitter 560nm
    • CFP/YFP - Band Pass filters 470-500nm and 535-585nm, Beam Splitter 505nm
    • Alexa 488/633 - Band Pass filters 500-550nm and 647-703nm, Beam Splitter 625nm

Room Location

Swann 2.15