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Spinning Disk Confocal

Information about Spinning Disk Confocal equipment.

Available Lasers

Laser Power at x20 Objective
488nm 1.45mW
514nm 1.01mW
561nm 1.58mW
594nm 1.45mW

Available Filter Sets

Fluorophore Excitation Dichroic Emission Filter Set Choices
eGFP 488




Dichroic: Chroma zt488/561tpc

Dichroic: Chroma zt488/594tpc

Emission: Chroma ET525/50m

YFP 514 514/594 545/40

Dichroic Semrock Di01-T445/514/593

Emission: Chroma: ET545/40m

tdTomato 564 488/561 590LP

Dichroic: Chroma zt488/561tpc

Emission: Chroma T590lpxr-UF2

mCherry 594




Dichroic Semrock Di01-T445/514/593

Dichroic Chroma zt488/594tpc

Emission: Chroma ET645/75m

Photo of Spinning Disk Confocal


  • Metamorph

Available Modules

  • 4D Acquistion
  • ASI Crisp autofocus system for long term timelapse
  • ASI piezo XYZ stage for high accuracy/repeatability
  • Andor iXon EMCCD camera
  • Yokogawa spinning disk unit
  • iLAS FRAP module (GFP only)


Type Magnification Correction NA
Plan Apo x20 Air, DIC 0.75
Plan Fluor x40 Air 0.75
Plan Apo TIRF x100 Oil, DIC 1.45

Supporting Equipment

  • Environmental Chamber
    • Temperature control range from ambient to 45°C
    • Humidified CO2 from 1% to 11% available on request
  • Optisplit
    • Simultaneous acquisition of upto 3 fluorophores.
    • Splits camera chip into 2 or 3 regions.

Room Location

Swann 2.15