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Nikon TE2000 Inverted

Information about Nikon TE2000 Inverted.

pjoto of Nikon Inverted

Filter Sets

  • DAPI
  • Texas Red/mCherry
  • Cy5


  • Metamorph

Available Modules

  • Piezo Z focus
  • Coolsnap HQ CCD
  • 3D Acquisition
  • Limited 4D Acquisition


Type Magnification Correction NA
Plan Apo x20 Air, DIC 0.75
Plan Fluor x40 Air 0.75
Plan Apo TIRF x100 Oil 1.45

Supporting Equipment

  • Scientifica PTC-20 2 channel heating/cooling controller
    • Temperature control 3°C to 45°C

Room Location

  • Swann 2.16