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Zeiss LSM 980 (Airyscan 2)

Information about Zeiss LSM 980 (Airyscan 2) equipment.

Available Lasers

Laser Laser Power at x20 Objective
405nm 4.8mW
488nm 6.2mW
561nm 6.8mW
594nm 1.6mW
633nm 5.5mW
Photo of Zeiss LSM 980 Airyscan 2


  • Zen Blue 3.3 (on microscope)
  • Zen Black 2.3 (Off line)
  • Zen Blue 3.3 (Off Line)

Available Modules

  • Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching (FRAP)
  • Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy(FCS)
  • 4D imaging (Time,X,Y and Z)
  • Definite Focus
  • Colocalisation
  • Spectral Unmixing
  • Tiles & Positions
  • XY scanning stage
  • 2 x PMT's detectors
  • 1 x GaAsp detector
  • Airyscan detector (120nm XY and 350nm Z)


Type Magnification Correction NA Contrast Method
Plan Apochromat x20 Air 0.8  
Plan Apochromat x63 Water 1.2  
Plan Apochromat x63 Oil 1.4 DIC
Alpha Plan Apochromat x100 Oil 1.45 DIC

AiryScan 2 (with 4Y 25 frames per second)

Suggested Laser Lines Emission Filter
405nm  488nm BP420-480  BP495-550
405nm  561nm BP420-480  BP570-630
405nm  561nm  594nm BP420-500  LP605
488nm  561nm  594nm BP495-555  BP570-630
488nm  633nm BP495-555  LP660
561nm  633nm BP570-620  LP660

Supporting Equipment

  • Environmental Chamber
  • Temperature Control Ambient - 45ºC
  • CO2 Module (1-10%)
  • Slide Mounting Frame
  • 35mm Petri dish frame
  • Well Plate frame

Room Location

Swann 2.11