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The VR Hive

The VR Hive is an XR gaming company using AI to deliver engaging learning experiences where players can gain nationally accredited qualifications as they play.

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Social distancing, closure of schools,Universities, Colleges and Training centres is seriously impacting training, education and assessments.

Students have been left languishing in front of screens, isolated with ineffective courses because current training solutions rely on passive video conferencing and flat eLearning.

Both require students to spend several hours in front of a screen, increasing the risk of disengagement, ineffective learning and isolation.

Corporate training is suffering too with knowledge retention is as low as 5% and shockingly over one third of workplace training is abandoned and of training completed, only 30% employees show any performance improvement.


The VR Hive solution is worlds away from traditional click through eLearning. The VR Hive is offering multimodalVR training which is realistic, emotionally engaging enabling users to take risks with zero negative consequences.

The immersive, interactive trainingvepisodes range from simple 2Dvinteractive lessons through to fully immersive multi-user gamified lessons with instant feedback, all hosted within THE HIVE platform.






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