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Aistetic’s B2B platform provides accurate 3D body reconstruction from smartphones using computer vision and deep learning addressing the large and growing online clothing, fitness and digital heath markets.

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We address 3 significant problems in the online clothing retail sector:

1. Too many clothes ordered online do not fit so a high percentage of  clothes are returned (47% Barclaycard Research 2018). This has a financial cost for retailers as they have to process the return, re-stock and re-deliver.
There is an environmental cost with clothes going to landfill, or additional logistics required. It’s a pain for shoppers: ordering multiple sizes, having to send back or travel to a store.
2. Online shopping has low conversion and high abandonment (90%).
3. There is excess inventory held by retailers as they lack a granular understanding of their customers.


We want to address these problems with a software solution for retailers that is simple & convenient for the shopper. We are building an immersive e-commerce shopping experience from your smartphone, where from a simple upload of images we are able to create a highly accurate 3D body model and take your measurements digitally. This enables a high level of measurement accuracy and sizing recommendations for a better fit in order to reduce returns, as well as valuable data for retailers to and reduce inventory.

Roadmap to apply technology to online fitness and weight loss ($240B) from 2022. Extension into virtual health ($176B) in 2024 to save treatment & claim costs, and increase retention for healthcare providers.




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