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Gibson Robotics is developing an autonomous fixed-wing UAV (unmanned aerial system) capable of capturing an aerial threat, such as the incident which created chaos at Gatwick in 2018. This UAV operates at high-speed and provides a safe, secure and reliable method of handling this problem experienced by airports, prisons, stadiums, and power stations across the world.

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There is no safe and reliable method of dealing with a malicious unmanned aerial system (UAV) on the market. Due to the technology becoming increasingly available, restricted airspace across the world has increasingly encountered threats from UAVs.

International Security agencies say that it is not a case of 'if', but 'when' UAVs will this be used in a terror attack with the damage that could be done being immeasurable. The threat is so serious that airports have purchased counter-drone equipment that simply don’t work, leaving them unable to protect themselves. The market is young, the threat is real, and the demand is increasing.


Gibson Robotics is developing a fixed-wing autonomous UAV that employs advanced sensors, clever algorithms, and a novel capture mechanism that can autonomously intercept a threat at speed. The system is operated by a human on the ground who provides instruction while the AI calculates how to carry out the tasks it is given.

The system can also work collaboratively with ground radar systems. Once the capture mechanism is deployed, the threat is captured and dropped to the ground. Forensic evidence is preserved, minimal debris is created, and the threat is confirmed neutralised for authorities to deal with appropriately.





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