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SnapDragon Monitoring Ltd

SnapDragon fights fakes online, identifying copycat and counterfeit products so they can be removed quickly and efficiently, protecting revenues, reputations and, most importantly, the end consumer.

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At best, fake products cause disappointment - at worst, significant harm. Through identifying copies, fakes or counterfeits and removing them from sale, we prevent the purchase, export, import and distribution of substandard goods. Critically, fake products also fund illicit trade, providing an additional funding stream into further crime, including prostitution, people trafficking, drug rings, and terrorism.

Our software delivers an affordable, effective solution which delivers a sound ROI and keeps revenues and customers safe.


Our application suite, Swoop, has been developed to support analysts and IP experts working both in-house, for client brands, and law firms.

Swoop monitors the web, identifying products which infringe the intellectual property of client brands (trademarks, design rights, copyright and patents).

Using the originator’s IP to prove originality, the offending listings can then be removed by the client directly, or - for subscribers to our Managed Service - by our multilingual team of expert brand analysts. 





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