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A screenplay development platform where you can earn cash as you write. Our platform ‘Kototama’  bridges commerce and culture to facilitate the delivery of screenplays that sell and help video platforms discover the stories audiences want by providing a fast and secure way to acquire rights.

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For video platforms – finding high quality and diverse new content is massively expensive in time and money.

Diverse content outperformed non-diverse content 37 to 1 in 2020 but 98% of screenplay purchases were non-diverse - accounting for 27% of subscriber demand.  This shortage in supply damages the profitability of video platforms and results in  money spent buying stories that audiences do not want.

For audiences –  platforms need to provide more choice that meets their demands.

For new writers - it takes time, privilege, and money to develop a screenplay and without early investment, and audience data,  there is little chance of success.


Kototama evaluates screenplay demand with a mechanism to ‘earn as you write’, enabling writers to get paid early on.  Screenplays are automatically and continually evaluated to meet audience demands and platform criteria, the resulting projects can be purchased at any stage of development. The WebApp visualises a screenplay in context, where context facets, like structure, and audience demographic can be adjusted. By observing a work in context, the writer makes improvements that are intrinsic (e.g., protagonist resultivity) and extrinsic (e.g., change character gender). The improvements are scored and provide buyers with an unbiased assessment.



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