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Aventus AI allows industries to operate at optimum efficiency and achieve net-zero carbon targets by creating digital twins with integrated AI. By optimising the design, collection and use of industrial sensor data, we produce accurate, world-class, failure detection and prediction processes.



Problems addressed: 

Industrial assets have high failure rates which results in downtime and risk of major accidents. Improving failure rates is difficult: poor data structure disables reliable analytics; CAD drawings for high precision engineering are often incomplete; poor understanding of how and why failures manifest makes it difficult  to design an IIoT sensor structure which can help.

The exorbitant OPEX and CAPEX costs of installing monitoring systems results in ineffective designs and poor operation, leading to vulnerability to major accident hazards and exposure to litigation. Poor carbon emissions control and lack of overall practices that reduce carbon footprint.


By implicitly understanding where all the pain points are, we design IoT sensor packages, machine learning failure detection algorithms and build Ai hardware units for every piece of critical equipment involved in the process.

We then build the SCADA system to gather all real-time telemetry data, processed in situ using artificial intelligence and edge computing technology. This is transmitted in real time and further processed using prognostics, diagnostics, and multi-physics to conduct failure mode predictions, which is visualised, both within the 3D environment and the visualisation dashboard. 

These predictions then drive maintenance cycles that reduce failure.





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