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Carcinotech is reinventing cancer research by manufacturing 3D printed tumours using patient-derived cancer stem cells, primary cells and established cell lines. Carcinotech's advanced models provide a platform for rapid, ethical, sustainable and accurate pre-clinical and precision medicine testing.

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One of the biggest challenges in cancer research today is that 85% of drugs at clinical trials fail to reach the market. Investigational New Drugs (INDs) are examined using animals and cell-based systems, prior to being trailed on humans. However, because this approach is inaccurate, outdated, expensive and ethically contentious, manufacturers find it difficult to predict how new therapeutics work when tested in humans. An urgent need exists for

1. More accurate, patient-specific models for drug discovery

2. Rapid predictive tests to identity working and efficacy of IND's ahead of clinical trials.

This has been a great challenge among pharma companies and Cancer Research Organisations. Carcinotech solves this problem through its products and services.


Carcinotech manufactures 3D printed tumours using patient-derived cancer stem cells, primary cells, and established cell lines to provide a platform for rapid, ethical, sustainable, and accurate drug discovery, screening, and pre-clinical testing.

Working with global partners, leading pharma companies, surgeons, pathologists, clinicians, and industry-leaders, the goal is to accelerate drug discovery and enable delivery of more effective cancer treatments to market.

Access to Carcinotech’s AI-driven automated manufacturing allows for accelerated production, with models offering high-throughput capabilities and ability to test precision medicines on patient-specific models ahead of clinical trials.





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