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Scrapp is a profit for purpose platform that makes recycling simple, fun, and rewarding for everyone. It starts with just a scan of the barcode found on any household item using our free app. Then Scrapp will show which parts are recyclable or not, according to your local recycling rules.

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Contamination begins at the source when a waste material is first put in the bin. When non-recyclable contaminants enter the recycling stream, the value of recyclable waste declines, separation equipment is damaged, and landfill costs increase as space runs out.

This contamination cost UK local authorities £51 million in 2019, resulting in two thirds of all recyclable waste being disposed in landfill. These costs ultimately drive-up the individual’s waste services bill. It is a result of conflicting information from package labelling and differing recycling rules that has fuelled a lack of faith in the system.


Scrapp is a green-tech start-up on a mission to make recycling simple. With our free app, we aim to remove the barriers for anyone to make informed disposal decisions and encourage their sustainable habits as a conscious consumer. With a quick scan of a product’s barcode, Scrapp shows the user exactly how to dispose of a product’s packaging correctly - according to their local authority’s recycling rules.

Each scan earns our users Scrapp points, which can be exchanged at our sustainable marketplace for discounts off products or contributions to projects with a positive impact on the planet. By working with consumers to get it right, we can minimise contamination at the source and kickstart a circular economy that begins at the bin.






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