Accelerating Entrepreneurship have created a Conversational AI platform that uses deep learning and virtual assistants (chatbots, voicebots, mailbots, etc.) to let companies easily build, scale and analyse conversational experiences which are bespoke to their business. This delivers efficiencies, savings both time and money, and improves customer and employee satisfaction.

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Conversations are eating the world and have become the main medium through which users relate to businesses. 85% of customers’ communications can be automated (source: IBM), but companies are struggling to build their own chatbot. Building a virtual assistant is a long and complex process that involves many technical people and often delivers low performances. Moreover, hiring data scientist to fix performance is hard and expensive. provide an alternative: a no-code platform fuelled by deep learning with the aim of democratising Conversational Artificial Intelligence to let every business easily build their own AI tool.

Solution is a Conversational AI platform that uses virtual assistants and deep learning to let every business automate conversations with people. We have a proprietary no-code SaaS platform, which allows both tailor-made solutions for sizeable companies and simpler, self-made assistants for small-medium enterprises. This enables businesses of any size to answer their clients’ queries in an immediate, personalized, and efficient manner.

Our proprietary platform enables quick deployment for most clients. For the most complex and sophisticated cases, we can provide custom deployment to meet needs.




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