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eMoodie addresses the mental health epidemic. Combining different sources of data, eMoodie provides an early warning system to improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals and reduce the burden for health care providers. 

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Depression and anxiety are leading causes of disability worldwide (WHO, 2016). COVID-19 shutdowns have compounded the mental health epidemic. Across developed nations, “deaths of despair” (e.g., suicide, overdoses, and other mental health causes) will exceed Covid-19 deaths for people under age 40.

While face-to-face talk therapies are the gold-standard for non-pharmacological treatment, demand far exceeds publicly funded health care resources on offer and will not meet this increasing demand. Most people only seek professional help once their symptoms have become severe.

Digital mental health is an emerging solution to facilitate early intervention and help address treatment gaps, especially for mild symptoms.


eMoodie provides digital mental health care solutions via a two-pronged strategy across our products.

eMoodie Labs is a mental health research platform which enables scientists to design complex psychological studies that establish valuable insights into mental health treatments. This platform is already fully functional.

eMoodie Minds is a mental health app which facilitates early screening and data-driven tailored symptom-management using evidence-based digital interventions. Our USP is a validated screening algorithm, which can detect symptoms of depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and disordered sleep at a 95% accuracy level.

We are currently expanding our screening technology using deep learning AI to assess stress levels and burnout risk.




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