Sharing things

6.0 Sharing things again: Making spaces

In this specially curated episode from our season 6 podcast intern Hannah, we explore 5 seasons of Sharing things and pick out conversational snippets about making spaces.

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Making spaces compilation episode


About our guests

This special episode features guests from all five seasons of Sharing things. 

  • Ellen and Rachel: Dying and not dying, familial love and ketchup splatters - Listen and subscribe
  • SJ and Mona: The flying frisbee of death, evocative smells and taking ownership of faith - Listen and subscribe
  • Srishti and Abrisham: Self-expression, dangerous women and writing things down - Listen and subscribe

  • Beth and Udita: Role models, women in leadership and voyages of discovery - Listen and subscribe

  • Richenda and Amalie: New skills, impostor syndrome and sudden departures - Listen and subscribe

  • Charles and Rianna: Woolly mammoths, deep sea gigantism and knowing your place in the family hierarchy - Listen and subscribe

  • Daisy and Dalia: Childhood excitement, happy folders and love over hate - Listen and subscribe

  • Elias and Tomiwa: Internet culture, giving others a platform and Michael Rosen memes - Listen and subscribe

  • Laura and Nicha: Lifelong friendships, belonging and painting with Bob Ross - Listen and subscribe

  • David and Caroline: Escaping in nature, imposter syndrome and finding treasure (everywhere) - Listen and subscribe

  • Nuam and Olivia: Family ties, intersectionality and figuring out where home is - Listen and subscribe

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Curation: Hannah Clark

Hosts: Amalie Sortland, Richenda Rae, Kate Stewart and Ayanda Ngobeni 

Theme music: Nathan Webb