Sharing things

Sharing things starts with an object

Each episode is a conversation between two members of our university community.  It could be a student, a member of staff or a graduate, the only thing they have in common at the beginning is Edinburgh. We start with an object. A special, treasured or significant item that we have asked each guest to bring to the conversation. What happens next is sometimes funny, sometimes moving and always unexpected. 

Do you miss conversations with strangers? The unexpected connections, the overlaps, the coincidences. Join us in September 2022 for season 6 of the Sharing things podcast and expand your world with new people and new conversations.

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Five episodes that revolve around the themes of belonging, fitting in and finding your place. These are conversations about growth and about identity. Listen now and have a personal ponder.

Do you need more stories and more people? Sharing things is also a blog where you hear directly from members of the University community about their lives now. No filter. Just your people sharing.

Getting from one place to another

Five episodes that explore transformation, self-discovery and change. Where are you now and where do you want to be? Have a listen and a think.

Things that really matter

Five episodes where the objects are not just starting points, but deeply woven through the lives of our guests. What do you hold close? Listen and mull it over.