Sharing things

Season six

Sharing things is back for a sixth season with seven brand new episodes, 14 new guests, and two Hannah's. Who are we? What connects us? Join us from Thursday 29 September and find out more.

6.0 Sharing things again: Making spaces

Making spaces compilation episode
In this specially curated episode from our season 6 podcast intern Hannah, we explore 5 seasons of Sharing things and pick out conversational snippets about making spaces.

6.1 Hannah and Francisca - 29 September

Hannah and Francisca headshot
In our opening episode of season six, guests Hannah Clark and Francisca Lima chat about neutron stars, landscapes and imagination.

6.2 Maria and Hannah - 6 October

Maria Maclennan and Hannah Feben-Smith talk about adoptee voices, jewellery detectives, and the value of things.

6.3 Kim and Alan - 13 October

Headshots of Kim Graham and Alan Addison
Kim Graham and Alan Addison talk about Edinburgh roots, managing memories and education as transformation.

6.4 Niamh and Nathan - 20 October

Headshots of Niamh Pinkerton and Nathan Oenardi
Niamh Pinkerton and Nathan Oenardi talk about rituals, ‘Friendsmas’, and writing your own narrative.

6.5 Gloria and Dhardon - 27 October

Headshots of Gloria Omuya and Tenzin Dhardon-Sharling
Gloria Omuya and Tenzin Dhardon-Sharling talk about landscape, symbolism and pieces of home.

6.6 Ichwan and Jon - 3 November

Ichwan Thamin and Jon Henderson talk about CDs, chickens and change.

6.7 Emily and Ed - 10 November

Headshots of Ed Patrick and Emily Aboud
Emily Aboud and Ed Patrick talk about shapeshifting, storytelling and the politics of saying it out loud.