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6.1 Hannah and Francisca - 29 September

In our opening episode of season six, guests Hannah Clark and Francisca Lima chat about neutron stars, landscapes and imagination.


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I’m definitely still the kind of person that on a clear night sky, I will like stop everyone and be like, we’re going to stop and look, and you got to give me my time to stare at the stars.

Hannah Clark


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Hannah Clark and Francisca Lima

About our guests

Space: a children's encyclopedia and a block of clay
Space: a children's encyclopedia and a block of clay

Hannah Clark

Chosen object: Space: A children's encyclopedia

Recording location: Edinburgh

Hannah is a 4th year student in Sustainable Development and Social Anthropology, originally from a small town near Glasgow. She is also this year's Sharing things host! She is currently focused on her roles as research director for The Buchanan Institute (a student-led think tank), president of the Hearty Squirrel Food Cooperative, and board trustee for 2050 Climate Group. She has also hosted another podcast called 'Planting Seeds of Change', in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh's Food Security & Sustainability Society.

On Sundays she works at one of the University libraries, and she likes to spend her spare time learning to crochet, playing boardgames, and lounging in the Meadows with a book or some friends.

Francisca Lima

Chosen object: A block of clay

Recording location: Edinburgh

Francisca is a landscape designer and lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art, where she currently teaches history and theory of landscape architecture. Francisca is interested in range of different research topics, including perception of landscape, urban decline and green spaces in relation to community engagement and wellbeing.  

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