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6.7 Emily and Ed - 10 November

Emily Aboud and Ed Patrick talk about shapeshifting, storytelling and the politics of saying it out loud.


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So, the art of what we're doing is trying to get stories and messages across that portray these problems and these situations and to highlight them in a way that it can be consumed, and meaningfully consumed as well.

Ed Patrick


Headshots of Ed Patrick and Emily Aboud
Emily Aboud and Ed Patrick

About our guests

A ring and a golf ball
A school ring and a golf ball

Emily Aboud

Chosen object: A school ring

Recording location: Edinburgh

Emily is a Trinidadian theatre director, writer and artistic director of Lagahoo Productions. As a Caribbean theatre maker, her work draws inspiration from the political community theatre she grew up making in Trinidad - a combination of music, movement, direct audience address and naturalism. Her most directing recent credits include BOGEYMAN (Edinburgh Fringe 2022), the award-winning SPLINTERED (Soho Theatre, also, writer), Pink Lemonade (Bush Theatre), Dolly (Park Theatre) and Chatham House Rules (Pleasance Theatre). 

Emily's website

Ed Patrick

Chosen object: A golf ball (or maybe a dog ball)

Recording location: Edinburgh

Ed is a comedian, author and NHS anaesthetist. As well as performing across the UK, Ed also hosts the Comedians' Surgery podcast where he speaks to other comedians about their health stories and experiences. His memoir Catch Your Breath: The Secret Life of a Sleepless Anaesthetist was published in 2021. 

Ed's website

Ed' interview with Enlightened Magazine

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