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6.6 Ichwan and Jon - 3 November

Ichwan Thamin and Jon Henderson talk about CDs, chickens and change.


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But we're now at a point in the society where technology is increasing very, very quickly and changing our culture in ways we don't yet understand.

Jon Henderson


Image features podcast guests Ichwan Thamin and Jon Henderson
Ichwan Thamin and Jon Henderson

About our guests

A smart phone and a CD
A smart phone and a CD

Ichwan Thamin

Chosen object: Smart phone

Recording location: Edinburgh

Ichwan Thamin Wiputra is a third-year undergraduate studying Global Agriculture and Food Security at the University of Edinburgh. From 2019 – 2020, he completed the Biology and Chemistry Foundation programme in King’s College London. He is currently working on an upcoming food sustainability podcast.

He also does digital and traditional illustration and likes to cook, bake, and read for leisure. 

Ichwan's illustrations

Jon Henderson

Chosen object: A CD

Recording location: Edinburgh

Jon is a Chancellors Fellow in Global Challenges at the University of Edinburgh and Head of Archaeology. He is a prehistoric archaeologist who is interested in how the past can help inform and improve the present, specifically looking at submerged settlements and developing underwater survey techniques around the world. Jon is also a series consultant and regular on-screen contributor to the National Geographic series Drain the Oceans which uses cutting-edge digital recording and CGI modelling to present underwater sites to a global audience. 

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