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6.5 Gloria and Dhardon - 27 October

Gloria Omuya and Tenzin Dhardon-Sharling talk about landscape, symbolism and pieces of home.


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I think it has deep cultural, religious and historical significance as well, that kind of really takes you to the past, but makes you aware of what the present is. And we all have wishes for a future, right?

Tenzin Dhardon-Sharling


Headshots of Gloria Omuya and Tenzin Dhardon-Sharling
Gloria Omuya and Tenzin Dhardon-Sharling

About our guests

Gloria Omuya

Chosen object: Beaded necklace and bracelet

Necklace, bracelet and a Tibetan table
Beaded necklace and bracelet and a colourful Tibetan table

Recording location: Edinburgh

Gloria is a recent graduate with an MSc in Africa and International Development. She is passionate about building programs that help organisations impact lives and communities. With a background in the educational non-profit sector in Kenya, her work has focused on honouring people, building community, improving systems for long-lasting impact, and increasing opportunities for people to thrive. Gloria is happy doing anything involving people, plans and processes! 

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Tenzin Dhardon-Sharling

Chosen object: A colourful Tibetan table

Recording location: Massachusetts

Dhardon is an educator, feminist scholar, environmental humanist, and a former Tibetan political personality. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Massachusetts and is also pursuing a graduate certificate in feminist studies. Dhardon is passionate about intersectional social justice and is working on her current book Theorising a Female Dalai Lama: An Intersectional Tool for Feminisms. 

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The Snow Lion - Find out more on Wikipedia (external)

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