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6.4 Niamh and Nathan - 20 October

Niamh Pinkerton and Nathan Oenardi talk about rituals, ‘Friendsmas’, and writing your own narrative.

I think, you know, there's so much power in being able to write your own story

Nathan Oenardi


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Headshots of Niamh Pinkerton and Nathan Oenardi
Niamh Pinkerton and Nathan Oenardi

About our guests

Photo of a hand-made Christmas tree and a green notebook
A Christmas tree and a notebook

Niamh Pinkerton

Chosen object: Christmas tree gifted by friends

Recording location: Gullane

Niamh loves dogs, nature, puns and being invited to be a guest on fun podcasts (thank you!). During Niamh's early high school years, she faced a sudden change of circumstances and was no longer able to attend school due to a neurological disorder. Niamh spent her exam years in inpatient hospital care. Despite this, she was determined she would improve enough to attend university. A year after Niamh left inpatient care, she attended a SWAP access course to allow her to apply to university. Currently, Niamh is going into her third year of Sustainable Development and Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh and is continuing to work on recovery.

Niamh talks about her friends on the podcast - though she was apart from them for some time, she always felt they were with her! Niamh discusses how her friendships helped her to tell her own narrative in hospital, through a Christmas tree! 

Nathan Oenardi

Chosen object: Notebook and pen gifted by his dad

Recording location: Edinburgh

Nathan is zoology graduate who is now a Talent Sourcer at Iconic Resourcing. He realised that his degree doesn’t define him and that his strengths and transferable skills can get him to new and more opportunities. Being mixed race, he feels a strong sense of responsibility to use his platform to represent and empower people with mixed race backgrounds and people in other minority backgrounds. 

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