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Maximiliano Bello

Maximiliano Bello, Principal Officer at the Pew Charitable Trusts, has been instrumental in expanding marine protected areas around the world. This year will see him take a leading role at COP25, the UN Climate Change Conference.


Maximiliano Bello


MSc Natural Resources Management

Year of graduation 2006

Your time at the University  

Max Bello with camera

Looking for a place to study is not an easy task, these days, there are great universities and amazing resources. We have accomplished as human beings, to understand the world in which we live in a way we have never done before. So, I wanted to make good use of these present advantages and expand my horizons and learn more English, other cultures and prove myself capable of studying abroad.

Scotland was always a dream to me: parks, mountains and islands, trails everywhere and incredible culture, and of course attending one of the oldest and best universities on earth. All these reasons were too appealing to me, all proved to be great and even beyond all expectations.

Your experiences since leaving the University

I have had amazing luck to always find the right place to work. I believe that my studies in Edinburgh did not only improve my English but also gave me the confidence I needed to develop the skills to argue and defend my ideas.

My career has been on a rocket speed trajectory, from my own organization to work in Washington DC with some of the best professionals and talking to the highest levels of governments around the world.

I have been directly in charge of, or involved in, the creation of more than two million km2 of marine protected areas around the world, changing the way we see the world and conservation.

The world needs devoted, passionate people and people who challenge the way we understand this society.

Maximiliano BelloPrincipal Officer at the Pew Charitable Trusts

Alumni wisdom

Max Bello underwater diving

The world needs devoted, passionate people and people who challenge the way we understand this society. The University opens a myriad of opportunities and connections, you can see them, can recognize them and must use them. This is the opportunity of your life, not just changing your own but millions for good.

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