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Charlie Kennard

After attending a presentation at a graduate recruitment event, Charlie Kennard found himself on a career path that has led him to be involved in supplying education for children in both East London and Malaysia.

Name Charlie Kennard
Degree Course Economic History
Year of Graduation 2008
Charlie Kennard

Your time at the University

I always wanted to work abroad and I knew having Edinburgh on my CV would open lots of doors for me to do so. I am also yet to find another city that has as much in terms of history, culture, beauty and general fun things to do as Edinburgh, so living and studying there for four years was easy.

I have lots of very fond memories from my time at Edinburgh and will always remember my show on the University radio station Fresh Air. I had no idea what I was doing in the very professional studio but it was just one of many examples of amazing opportunities which were open to students.

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

After graduating from Edinburgh I joined the graduate programme Teach First and taught History in a school in Birmingham. After my two years on the programme, I joined the management team of Teach First to help the organisation grow to become the largest recruiter of graduates in the UK. After two years on staff at Teach First I joined its sister organisation, Teach for Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur to support its growth and development as it is still only in its second year of operation.


Don’t underestimate the power of the Edinburgh brand. I have found that fellow alumni are always willing to help each other out.

Charlie Kennard

In between leaving Teach First and joining Teach for Malaysia, I also founded a free school in East London which was recently given approval by the Department for Education and will open in September 2014.

Edinburgh played a pivotal role in both my career choices and trajectory. I had never considered a career in the education field but attended a Teach First presentation in the William Robertson Building which absolutely blew me away.

Being a student at Edinburgh gave me a great insight into potential career paths as there are so many opportunities through different events and services to learn about careers in a broad range of sectors.

Alumni wisdom

Most people would say get involved in as many extra-curricular activities as you can. However, I would suggest for you to find a couple of things you really like and take the time to really master them.

One of my best friends left Edinburgh with a pilot’s licence and another who played the ten most prestigious golf course in Scotland. It will be much harder to do these things when you graduate.

I would also say don’t underestimate the power of the Edinburgh brand. I have found that fellow alumni are always willing to help each other out and there are lots of Edinburgh Alumni in very interesting and exciting places and positions.