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Andra Roston

Canadian Andra Roston moved here to study teaching, and has been involved in the Edinburgh Festivals in many different ways.

Name Andra Roston
Degree Course PGDE
Year of Graduation 2009
Andra Roston

Your time at the University

I moved here from Canada to train as a teacher. I chose Edinburgh because I had heard such good things, both about the University and the city itself! I loved it from the minute I arrived, and within a week had decided I definitely wanted to stay longer than a year.

I also managed to participate in some of the clubs on offer, and really appreciated how many great opportunities were available for me.

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

I have been teaching at various schools in and around Edinburgh since I graduated. I also got involved doing some amateur musical theatre with two different groups in the city. I started doing a podcast during the Fringe festival last year, and got married!

This year I have lots going on, as usual! I am performing in two shows with a company called Captivate Drama. I am a part of their children’s show called Brave Macbeth - it’s Macbeth, for kids, with singing! I am also playing Joanne in their production of the fantastic musical Rent. It’s only on for 2 days, and I’m really excited!

Enjoy every second of University - don’t spend it all in the library.

Andra Roston

Most importantly for me, however, is that I will be resurrecting my podcast - Hanging at the Fringe. I started it last year as a way to get to talk about what I love the most: the Festivals season in Edinburgh. I managed five episodes and people seemed to be listening to them - I had more than 100 hits per episode.

This year, I am expanding and am planning to to a show every day - to essentially act as a guide of what to see and what to do. I’ll be interviewing people involved in different kinds of shows, as well as those people involved in way other than performing.

I will also be supporting friends as they embark on their own Fringe journeys - I have a lot of friends participating in a variety of shows, and we have to help each other out when we can!

Alumni wisdom

Enjoy every second of University - don’t spend it all in the library. Work hard, play hard, make friends, and have adventures.