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Jorge Luis Hidalgo

Jorge Luis Hidalgo graduated in 2008 but has now taken on the voluntary role of Alumni Ambassador in his home country of Ecuador. Here he explains how one of his classmates influenced his career choices.

Name Jorge Luis Hidalgo
Degree Course MBA and Carbon Management (Exchange Semester)
Year of Graduation 2008
Jorge Luis Hidalgo

Your time at the University

I was first attracted to the University of Edinburgh because of my love of Charles Darwin but I ultimately decided to study there because of an exchange program that my business school; EADA in Barcelona Spain, ran.

During my time in Edinburgh I had the chance to take some classes in Carbon Management, one of the first ones in the world.

I would say my best experience was a classmate named Kevin. Despite the difference in background we became close friends. I taught him how to speak Spanish and I learned from his business experiences in the worldwide companies he had worked for.

When I returned to Ecuador, Kevin sent me a business plan about creating a consulting company for carbon management services called Carbon Masters. I was very impressed from what I read. Now, I represent the company in Ecuador.

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

I have always been interested in the development of renewable energies, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technologies.

University will give you the tools not only to change your life, but to change the world.

Jorge Luis Hidalgo

In addition to my work with Carbon Masters, I am the co-founder and General Manager of a company named Greenpower International, a company dedicated to the replacement of highly contaminating energies with energies that are more environmentally friendly, such as natural gas and renewable energies.

I am also member of the board of directors of the British-Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce.

My country is my passion, and I have eternal gratitude to the University of Edinburgh for allowing me bring to my country know-how, technology, and business development opportunities.

Alumni wisdom

Always remember that University will give you the tools not only to change your life, but to change the world. Are you ready for it!