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Vasyl Romanyuk

MSc graduate Vasyl Romanyuk credits his time studying politics at Edinburgh with underpinning his career focused on developing civil society in Ukraine.


Vasyl Romanyuk


MSc in Politics by Research

Year of Graduation 2001

Your time at the University  

Vasyl Romanyuk

When making a choice about post-graduate education institution I didn’t have the slightest hesitation over my choice of preference. Having been inspired by Robert Burns’ poetry back in school when Ukraine was still part of the Soviet Union, and eventually the “Braveheart” blockbuster, my pick has never been as much in accord with emotional and rational thinking behind it as this time. And I never ever regretted the choice I made.

Moreover, I have during all these years referenced back to the experience, skills, knowledge, widened horizon and critical thinking abilities attained during my studies in Edinburgh.

Over the past decade, in one way or another, I have engaged myself in supporting civil society development in Ukraine [...]

Vasyl RomanyukDemocracy and Human Rights Portfolio Programme Officer, Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine

Your experiences since leaving the University

I have a strong conviction that my career path, my professional development, and personal and professional maturity are, among other things, the result of this tremendous educational and scholarly experience at the University of Edinburgh. These have been amplified by the emotional and personal connections that I made there, which have lingered and resonated with me for 17 years now…

Having attained an MSc in Politics, I, by and large, can say with confidence that this firm foundation underpinned my further career choices.

Immediately after graduation I worked in the European Union’s technical assistance engagement. After this, I worked for the US Peace Corps as the Ukraine Programme Manager, and then spent years with the United Nations Development Programme’s Civil Society Development Programme.

My current role is Democracy and Human Rights Portfolio Programme Officer with the Development Cooperation Section of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.

Over the past decade, in one way or another, I have engaged myself in supporting civil society development in Ukraine, working together to promote democratic values and a society based on trust, rule of law, and respect of human rights through being involved in transformational changes both professionally and personally through the two revolutions that shook and shaped Ukraine as it is now.

Alumni wisdom

Never stop learning, even after the graduation. Stay goal-oriented, while being open to and embracing each and every opportunity in your life!