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Vasilios Danias

Vasilios Danias, School of Informatics graduate and Operations Manager at Uber, attributes his personal and professional development to his time spent at The University of Edinburgh.


Vasilios Danias

Degree Course

BEng in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering

Year of Graduation


Vasilios Danias

Your time at the University

Wanting to study Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh was a no brainer both due to its top academic programmes and wonderful city.

My decision to apply to and join Edinburgh was one of the best in my life. Studies at the School of Informatics might have been very challenging but definitely a worthwhile experience, both in terms of personal and professional development, shaping who I am today.

Edinburgh student life is amazing as the city is the perfect size for students. Small enough to be described as a student city and big enough to have to offer everything you would expect from a European capital.

Very memorable experiences included the welcoming ceremony during Freshers’ Week (don’t miss it!) and the graduation ceremony which were both held at McEwan Hall. I have to say that the most fun I had was during the annual British Universities and College Sport week which included a week of skiing and partying at the Alps. 

During my studies, I made close friends that I got to know very well and with which I still keep in touch. Although we do not live in the same cities, when you get to know a person that well it does not matter how many years will pass, the connection will always be there.

The University of Edinburgh’s reputation helped me considerably in my professional life, but more importantly, the knowledge I gained along with skills I attained helped me to stand out and perform my duties well.

Vasilios Danias

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

As an Edinburgh student, it was easy for me to secure two summer internships with UBS Investment Bank in London and a full-time position with Accenture a global professional services company. The University of Edinburgh’s reputation helped me considerably in my professional life, but more importantly, the knowledge I gained along with skills I attained helped me to stand out and perform my duties well. It is safe to say, that compared to other students from other top UK universities, I was better able to complete the tasks given to me at UBS, since the Informatics course at Edinburgh had prepared me very well both in the theoretical aspects but also provided me with considerable hands on experience through many practical assignments which made all the difference.

Recently I completed my MBA studies at HEC Paris, an excellent business school and one of the best in Europe, where I was also elected president of the student association.

Following my MBA I joined Uber, the multinational online transportation network company, as an Operations Manager during a very exciting time for the company. Before deciding to join Uber I had the opportunity to interview with companies such as the Boston Consulting Group, Credit Suisse, EY, Google, McKinsey and more. During this process, it was interesting to see that undergraduate studies play a very important role on ones profile even several years after graduation and even after postgraduate studies. 

Everything that shaped my CV and experiences in order to be able to pursue top postgraduate studies and gain world-class work experience and that now allow me to have even greater prospects and options for what I will decide to do in the future, is based on my Edinburgh University studies.

I am thrilled to see that The University of Edinburgh's reputation becomes stronger every year, further increasing the value of my studies.

Alumni wisdom

Do not forget that after graduation you want to have a great job lined up. As an Edinburgh student you have the chance to get interviewed at any company you wish. Do it and do it well. Be well prepared, write a great CV and cover letter with the help of the careers office and why not get some advice from eMentors.  Apply early for internships!

It is important to do well and get great grades but it is equally important to have fun and make friends. Keep a balance between the two.

The university has many great support services to offer you. Do not think twice to ask for help, just do it. You might need advice on jobs and preparing your CV and understanding an industry you are looking into getting in, or you might need help and advice on starting a company, it might have to do with financial troubles, or more importantly with health issues (even if you are just feeling down). Keep your Director of Studies in the loop regarding any troubles you might be facing.