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Utsava Kasera

Utsava Kasera chose Edinburgh to study his MSc after thorough research and believes, thanks to the quality of teaching and beauty of the city, his choice to study here is one of the best decisions of his life.


Utsava Kasera

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MSc International Business and Emerging Markets

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Utsava Kasera

Your time at the University

I had done a lot of research into various universities including talking to alumni and attending university presentations, and I had a strong feeling about studying for my Masters at The University of Edinburgh. I have no hesitation in saying that this was perhaps one of the best decisions of my life in terms of the enriching experiences. I learnt a lot from my professors and my fellow classmates, who gave me an International perspective as we were representing more than 20 nationalities. Apart from my academic life, the social life and possibility to take part in different activities made my stay memorable.  I learnt the art of whisky appreciation by joining the ‘Water of Life Society’, which comprises of whisky enthusiasts, who instilled into me a deep knowledge of whiskies along with the tales of their travels around the world.

The crisp air and the beauty of Edinburgh added to the whole charm of living there, while the various events and cultural festivals like the world famous Fringe festival are forever etched in my memory.  I can proudly say that I am a strong advocate of telling people to choose Edinburgh for studying, as I not only got a degree but an experience to carry forward in my lifetime.

I can proudly say that I am a strong advocate of telling people to choose Edinburgh for studying, as I not only got a degree but an experience to carry forward in my lifetime.

Utsava Kasera

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

I am an entrepreneur currently have my finger in many pies. I am primarily involved in trading of chemicals, which are used in manufacturing soaps and detergents. From a modest start by my father back in the city of Kanpur, we have expanded Internationally and are working in close cooperation with renowned companies like DuPont, Clariant and Vedanta. The education at Edinburgh gave me life skills that helped me turn this modest business into a company, which is growing rapidly and is associated with one of the largest detergent manufacturer in India.

The networking and friends I made at the university gave me a unique opportunity to start a cooperation with a classmate in Poland for exporting silk scarves from India. We are also exploring other business ideas using the advantages we have in our countries, knowing the local conditions and having the trust developed as friends. I am also working on starting up an Indian fusion restaurant with a friend in Bucharest as food has been my passion and the life lived at Edinburgh gave me the confidence to follow my dreams. The other thing that I learnt while living in Edinburgh was ability to adapt with different situations and perhaps this gives me the conviction to try new and exciting ventures. I am also a passionate traveller and have travelled around the globe; many of these travels are to visit friends I made during my Edinburgh days.

Alumni wisdom

Make the most out of your time by enjoying both study and social life. The University of Edinburgh gives you a unique range of enlightening interactions as you are making International connections with fellow students and professors, some of which may stay for life. Through study, we not only learn to think critically with academics but with people from around the world, and get different perspectives in solving problems.

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