The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Bicentenary

Student Pre-Graduation Prize winners

On the 28th June 2019, we held our annual pre-graduation prize giving. Below is a list of all of the winners.

Prize Description Student
Gemmel Prize Best student in 1st year of programme (2014-15) Tanja Schnabel 
Sheila Elizabeth Logsden Best student in GEP year of programme (2015-16) Elsbeth Burgers 
Stewart MacDougal Prize Best student in 2nd year of programme (2015-16) Harriet Woodhall 
Clinical Foundation Course Prize Best student in CFC in 3rd year of programme (2016-17) Tanja Schnabel 
Norman Dobson Prize Best student in Veterinary Pathology in 3rd year of programme (2016-17) Harriet Woodhall and 
    Michael Sia 
William Nairn Prize Best student in 4th year of programme (2017-18) Tanja Schnabel 
Richard Taylor Memorial  The most commendable application for travel in support of an Equine Project (2017-18) Veronica Kirkpatrick and 
    Molly Scott 
Farrier Award Worshipful Company of Farriers placement (2016-17) Abbie Dimelow 
CEVA Dermatology Prize Best Final Year student in Dermatology Victoria Carter and 
    Hannah Gardiner 
Feline Prize Best student in Feline Rotation Benjamin Cross 
Martin Weaver Award Best student in Equine Imaging / Orthopaedics Letitia Pang 
Alison Gall Memorial Prize Best Final Year student in Equine Rotations Hannah Birch 
Sally Hessey Prize Best Final Year student in Exotics Paul Smith
Vet Trust Award   Courtney Russell 
Charles Jones Prize Best student in Sheep Medicine Gus Cassie 
Moredun Foundation Book Prize Best student in Large Animal Practice Kate Downie 
The Boehringer Ingelheim Anaesthesia Award Best Final Year student in Anaesthesia Kathleen Beekman 
The Boehringer Ingelheim Cardiology Award Best Final Year student in Cardiology Eve Lo
The Boehringer Ingelheim Neurology Award Best Final Year student in Neurology Hannah Stelmach 
The Boehringer Ingelheim Orthopaedic Award Best Final Year student in Orthopaedics Kate Downie 
Joe Fraser Equine Prize Best Final Year student in Equine Surgery Molly Scott 
Best Student Research Component Project Most outstanding Student Research Component project (Joint) Ailsa McMillan 
James T Baxter Prize Best student in Final Year of programme: Rotations (highest of all end modules - passed all rotations) Simone March
William Lothian Prize Best student in Final Year examinations (parts 1 & 2) Tanja Schnabel 
Peer Recognition Award Most outstanding student as nominated by their peers Hannah Gardiner  and Cate Wilmoth 
Willie Gregor Award Awarded in recognition of contribution to sports Emma King 
Walter Buchanan Milburn Prize BVM&S Graduate with the Highest Aptitude for Clinical / Practical Aspects Eve Lo 
William Dick Prize Most Distinguished BVM&S Student (all marks, all years) Tanja Schnabel 
McCaughey Prize Most Meritous BVM&S student (highest marks in Final Year) Harriet Woodhall 
Special Seminar Award    Alexzndria Ace 
    Samantha Adams 
    Eilidh Affleck 
    Conor Barry 
    Daniel Baty 
    Ronan Brown 
    Jennifer Brown 
    Donna Cringles 
    Gemma Davies 
Dick Vet Undergraduate Certificate in Veterinary Medical Education    
  UCVME  Eilidh Affleck
  UCVME  Kathleen Beekman 
  UCVME  Morgan Brown
  UCVME  Holly Bunn 
  UCVME  Elsbeth Burgers 
  UCVME  Victoria Carter 
  UCVME  Taylor Cockburn 
  UCVME  Benjamin Cross 
  UCVME  Kate Downie 
  UCVME  Jacalyn Edens 
  UCVME  Shuchorita Bose Epik 
  UCVME  Jennifer Fingland 
  UCVME  Amy Fish 
  UCVME  Amanda Foo 
  UCVME  Hannah Gardiner 
  UCVME  Hayley Hoffman 
  UCVME  Chin-Wei Liu 
  UCVME  Pui Yu Liu 
  UCVME  Eve Lo 
  UCVME  Simone March
  UCVME  Kristen McCurdy 
  UCVME  Ng Ying Yu Alicia 
  UCVME  Victoria Park 
  UCVME  Hannah Reid 
  UCVME  Alison Reynolds 
  UCVME  Rebecca Seraphin
  UCVME  Jessica Shaw 
  UCVME  Catherine Skues 
  UCVME  Yana Taylor 
  UCVME  Harriet Woodhall 


Sporting Colours Prizes

Mens Rugby Keir Hamilton                                                                                                                                                                                Full & Half colour
Robert Mackay Full & Half colour
Conor Barry Full & Half colour
Mens Football Rick Samu Full colour
James Lake Full colour
Ladies Rugby Victoria Carter Full & Half colour
Amy Fish Full & Half colour
Lauren Josefiak Full & Half colour
Zoe Crowder Full & Half colour
Elsbeth Burgers Half colour
Ruth Martin Half colour
Ladies Football Sarah Barker Half colour
Kate Vary Half colour
Faolain Barrett Half colour
Clara Zalabardo Alvares Half colour
Celine Barbier Half colour
Victoria Cruz-Mendez Half colour
Netball Emma King Full & Half colour
Charlotte Spencer Full & Half colour
Yana Taylor Half colour
Hockey Laura Tetlow Full & Half colour
Fay McKenna Full & Half colour
Molly Scott Full & Half colour
James McKeown Full & Half colour
Rick Samu Half colour
Jenni Bartlett Half colour
Rachel Banks Half colour
Climbing Club Lucy Chapman Full & Half colour
Tommy McBride Full & Half colour
Amanda Foo Half colour
Exmoor Pony Trekking Pui Yu Liu Full & Half colour
Clara Zalabardo Alvares Half colour
Harriet Woodhall Half colour
Lucy Chapman Half colour
Dick Vet Musicians Eilidh Affleck Full & Half colour
Sarah Duncan Half colour
Badminton Nithya Xavier Half colour
Jennifer Fingland  Half colour
Snow Sports Tommy McBride Half colour
Polo  Simone March Full & Half colour
RDSVS Horse Society Rebecca Seraphin Half colour
Running  Doug Chapman Full & Half colour
Sarah Barker Full & Half colour
Nicola Mawson Full & Half colour
Harriet Woodhall Full & Half colour
Finlay Williamson Half colour
Faolain Barrett Half colour
Gerald Mok Half colour