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2019 News

News from 2019

Genetic clues of TB spread revealed

Tuberculosis in cattle and badgers passes between members of the same species at least twice as often than between cow and badger.

Dick Vet Christmas Bag Appeal

Veterinary Students distribute bags filled with useful items, to homeless people and their pets across Edinburgh.

Dick Vet looks to the future with electric vehicle charging points

The Easter Bush Campus has added four new charging points, to offer staff, students and visitors the chance to recharge electric vehicles.

School Hosts 3rd National Veterinary Student Research Conference

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and the Roslin Institute recently hosted the 3rd National Veterinary Student Research Conference.

New era of radiotherapy for pets in the UK

The installation of the the Varian Medical Systems VitalBeam linear accelerator in the Hospital for Small Animals, heralds a new era of radiotherapy for pets in the UK.

Jasmin Paris receives Barclays Woman of the Year Award

Jasmin Paris, has received the Barclays Woman of the Year award at the 2019 Women of the Year Lunch and Awards. The annual awards celebrate inspirational women from the fields of sport, health, science and wellness.

Climate lessons could aid antibiotics challenge

Rising antimicrobial resistance, fuelled by overuse of treatments, could be curbed with a framework inspired by climate change targets.

Professor Richard Mellanby receives the Chancellor’s Award for Impact

The University of Edinburgh has honoured the School's Professor Richard Mellanby with the Chancellor’s Award for Impact.

Surrogacy advance could aid rare chicken breeds

Infertile hens have been used to carry eggs containing other breeds, in a development using gene editing.

Dick Vet tops the table again!

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies has continued its success in the university league tables, by coming top of the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide ranking of veterinary medicine in the UK.

Professor Cathy Dwyer appointed Chair of Animal Welfare Commission

Professor Cathy Dwyer has been appointed as Chair of Scotland’s first independent Animal Welfare Commission.

Model predicts vaccine effectiveness in animals

A new epidemiological model predicts the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing or eliminating infectious diseases in livestock.

Staff Awards Showcase Excellence

The School enjoyed their Staff Awards, held for the first time jointly with The Roslin Institute.

Cow gut DNA study could help improve meat and dairy

Scientists discovered thousands of microbes in cows’ stomachs which could improve meat and dairy yields, and cows’ health.

Enjoy the Summer Festivals with the University of Edinburgh.

During the summer months, the City of Edinburgh welcomes the world as it hosts a plethora of festivals and events. The University of Edinburgh provides key support, enabling and encouraging these important cultural activities.

Dick Vet Student Success at Inaugural Veterinary Evidence Student Awards

Students from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies have taken first and third place in the first Veterinary Evidence Student Awards, achieving publication in RCVS Knowledge’s peer-reviewed journal.

Easter Bush Campus to be Haven For Hedgehogs

An initiative to protect hedgehogs has been launched at the Easter Bush Campus.

Study seeks to examine genetic resilience to disease in Scotland’s deer population

Disease control in wild deer populations is a major challenge in wildlife management. With rising global temperatures and an increase of contact between wild and domesticated livestock, there can be an increased risk in the emergence of disease in wild populations.

World Zoonoses Day: diseases that spread from animals to people

Investigating superbugs, flu, malaria, rabies and tuberculosis.

Dick Vet enjoys continued success in Shanghai Rankings and National Student Survey

The School has improved its place in the latest Shanghai Rankings and excelled in the latest NSS results.

Student Pre-Graduation Prize winners

On the 28th June 2019, we held our annual pre-graduation prize giving. Below is a list of all of the winners.

Widely-available antibiotics could be used in the treatment of ‘superbug’ MRSA

Research has suggested that a combination of antibiotics and a drug used to treat kidney infections could effectively treat a common superbug and limit the impact of antibiotic resistance.

Dick Vet at the Royal Highland Show

The School welcomed thousands of visitors onto its stand at the Royal Highland Show.

Dick Vet Tops Guardian League Table for Third Year

The Guardian University Guide 2020: league table for veterinary science has been released and the Dick Vet has topped the table once again.

Gene-edited chicken cells resist bird flu virus

Scientists have used gene-editing techniques to stop the bird flu virus from spreading in chicken cells grown in the lab.

Dog DNA find could aid breathing problems

Scientists have discovered a DNA mutation linked to breathing problems in popular dog breeds.

Cat TB cases may be linked to raw pet food diet, study suggests

Some 13 cats from across the UK are thought to have been affected so far. Experts stress that the risk to people is very low, however.

Propensity to transmit diseases depends on genes

A new study from the Roslin Institute shows the genetic propensity of animals to transmit diseases affects survival in populations during epidemics.

Twelve Months of the Roslin Innovation Centre

The Roslin Innovation Centre, based in the Charnock Bradley Building, provides office, lab and meeting space across the upper two floors and is occupied by established tenant companies, University spin-outs and early-stage entrepreneurs.

First Anniversary for Charnock Bradley Building, Equine Diagnostic, Surgical and Critical Care Unit and ‘Canter’

The Charnock Bradley Building, Equine Diagnostic, Surgical and Critical Care Unit (EDSCCU) and ‘Canter’, by Andy Scott, are celebrating their first anniversary.

World Veterinary Day Celebrated With Poetry

Poet and Edinburgh University alumnus Russell Jones, has created a unique syringe-shaped poem for World Veterinary Day.

World Veterinary Day – celebrating the value of vaccination

Vaccines for rabies, chicken disease, cattle, E. coli and more at The Roslin Institute and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

Staff Success at Teaching Awards

In the 2019 EUSA teaching awards, Dick Vet staff were the winners in a number of categories.

Edinburgh vet lauded for excellence in teaching

A veterinary educator from the University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies has received a prestigious fellowship for contributions to learning and teaching.

Genome sequencing lab awarded international quality stamp

Edinburgh Genomics has received an accreditation to mark the quality of its genome sequencing services.

How vitamin D affects the immune system

Scientists have uncovered fresh insights into how vitamin D affects the immune system and might influence susceptibility to diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Online Learning Open Days

If you're interested in studying online with us, our Online Learning Open Days on 24 & 25 April 2019 will give you the chance to find out more. Experts will be on hand to answer your questions about online learning.

Dr Dylan Clements Wins Veterinary Research Award

This year's PetPlan Veterinary Research Award went to Dr Dylan Clements, Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Orthopaedics and leader of the Dogslife research project.

Staff and Student Success at the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress

At the 2019 British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) Congress, student Catriona Gillen and JMICAWE Outreach Manager, Heather Bacon were the recipients of awards.

Oral dog vaccine could help beat rabies

Millions of street dogs could be vaccinated by using an oral dog vaccine for rabies hidden in food, research suggests.

Easter Bush Campus wins Sustainability and Social Responsibility Awards

The Easter Bush Campus was recognised for its deeply embedded commitment to Sustainability and Social Responsibility at the University awards ceremony.

Easter Bush Campus retains Investors in Young People – Silver Award.

The School is delighted that the Easter Bush Campus has retained our ‘Investors in Young People – Silver Award.’

Sepsis study to focus on genes in quest for treatments

Scientists will investigate the role genes play during sepsis infection thanks to funding from Sepsis Research.

Border Collie breeders helped by study of gene linked to sight loss

Scientists have discovered a change in the genetic code of Border Collies that is linked to sudden blindness.

Stone Horse Restoration

A stone horse sculpture, which has belonged to the Vet School for nearly two hundred years, is being given a new lease of life with a full restoration.

Gene study set to investigate how flu jumps species

New study will identify genes that reduce Influenza A infection in pigs and chickens, and genes that limit the spread of the virus to people.

Dick Vet excels in QS World Rankings

The QS World University subject rankings have been released, with the Dick Vet among the world's best for Veterinary Science.

How bird feathers form in wave-like motion

Scientists have revealed how bird feathers form in a wave-like motion, which could help cool birds.

Protein supports embryo cell survival under metabolic stress

Journal front-cover study identifies a novel protein in mice that may support embryo cell survival during its very first days of existence.

Postgraduate Virtual Open Week - 11-15 March 2019

Postgraduate Virtual Open Day Sessions

Needle removal lets Terrier walk again

Vets at the Hospital for Small Animals used an innovative technique to remove a metal sewing needle from the neck of a Yorkshire Terrier.

Sheep with higher vitamin D levels give birth to heavier lambs

Researchers explored the link between vitamin D levels and health outcomes in Scottish hill sheep.

Researchers join prestigious leadership scheme

Three Edinburgh academics, including Deputy Head of School, Professor Richard Mellanby, have been selected to take part in a new programme for emerging leaders in the field of medical sciences.

World Cancer Day: tackling cancer at Roslin

Work at the Institute sheds light on how human cancers develop and how to treat them as well as our susceptibility to cancer.

First birthday for Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

The Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security celebrates its first birthday this week.

Hen eggs with human proteins offer drug hope

Chickens that are genetically modified to produce human proteins in their eggs can offer a cost-effective method of producing drugs.

Edinburgh vet wins epic endurance race

An Edinburgh vet has become the first woman to win one of the world’s toughest endurance races, breaking the course record by 12 hours in the process.

Easter Bush Campus Receives Gold Sustainability Award

The Easter Bush Campus has been awarded the Gold Office Award from the University’s Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

Professor Anna Meredith made OBE in New Year’s honours

Wildlife and conservation vet made OBE in New Year’s honours