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Dick Vet looks to the future with electric vehicle charging points

The Easter Bush Campus has added four new charging points, to offer staff, students and visitors the chance to recharge electric vehicles.

EV charging points
EV charging points in front of the School

The Easter Bush Campus has continued its commitment to sustainability, with the addition of four new electric vehicle (EV) charging points on campus. Located conveniently in front of the William Dick building and in the Roslin Institute visitor and staff car parks, these will be an increasingly valuable resource for EV owners, as uptake of these vehicles increases.

We’ve installed the final point for the charging of EVs that belong to the University, as we begin the replacement of University vehicles with electric alternatives, where possible. 

Advanced Charging

The eVolt chargers allow two vehicles to charge simultaneously at each point, with rapid charging allowing multiple cars to be recharged, or just topped up, during the day. This marks the first time that this technology has been available in the local area and is already proving popular here on the campus with EV owners.

Embedded Sustainability

The Easter Bush Campus has a deeply embedded commitment to sustainability and this has recently been recognised at the University of Edinburgh Sustainability and Social Responsibility Awards. Awards were won for retaining the gold level of sustainability for offices and labs on campus, as well as individual awards for Sharon Boyd, who received the ‘Changemaker Award’ and Anddrew Gardiner for his All4Paws Initiative.

Continual Improvements

The School and University continue to invest heavily in green technology and embedding the concept of sustainability at all levels. We’re proud to be part of the wider #ZeroWaste initiative, a vision to become a zero waste University by 2030 and to become a carbon-zero University by 2040.


Easter Bush Campus wins Sustainability and Social Responsibility Awards

#ZeroWaste UoE

Our University in 2030


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