The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Bicentenary

Staff Awards Showcase Excellence

The School enjoyed their Staff Awards, held for the first time jointly with The Roslin Institute.

Congratulations to all of the winners and everyone shortlisted in this year's staff awards, held jointly with The Roslin Institute for the first time. 

vet staff awards


Category Winner Shortlisted
“Rising star” in teaching Silvia Perez-Espona Padraig Kelly, Efa Llewellyn 
Outstanding student experience award Cal Donnelly  Caroline Mosley, Jess Davies
Innovation in teaching award Julie Forrest Jane Brown
Inspiring mentor/supervisor award Megan Davey Paul Digard, Jayne Hope
Phd student award Rachel Kline Conor O’Halloran, Chen-Hsuin (Abraham) Lee
Post-doc award Mazdak Salavati Joana Alves
Outstanding researcher award Mike McGrew Jessica Martin, Alex Corbishley
Outstanding clinician award Hannah Leigh Jill Murdoch, Efa Llewellyn 
Outstanding clinical research award Dylan Neil Clements  
Outstanding vet nurse award Lindsey Ashburner Gemma Bruce
Outstanding vet nurse award Paula Thompson  
Rising star in vet medicine  Ioannis Oikonomidis Maurizio Longo, Francesca Worsman
Outstanding professional services individual award Gillian Jackson Jane Weaver, Gordon Macpherson
Outstanding professional services team award Legal Team Stores, Admissions
Outstanding technical individual award (research) Lynn McTeir Peter Tennant, Wilson Lee
Outstanding technical individual award (clinical & teaching) Eilidh Gibson Simon Kidd, Kirsty Poll
Outstanding technical team award Health & Safety Team Immunological Toolbox Team, Easter Bush IS Team (IT)
Knowledge exchange & commercialisation award Gerry McLachlan Mike McGrew
Inspiring public engagement activity award Mark Barnett Chris Proudfoot, Joana Alves and Emily Parr
Rising star (young person award) Joe Rutherford (IS team)  
Rising star (young person award) Charlie Stark (IS team)  
3r's award Tom Burdon  
Tenant staff collaboration award Thomas Farrugia, Gregor & Ross (Betabugs team) Tom Burdon
Special recognition award Sharon Boyd  
Special recognition award Mark Stevens  
Special recognition award Marianne Watson  
Special recognition award The Admissions Team