Come to the Reuse Hoose

The “Reuse Hoose” is a free event for staff and students to learn about the benefits of reusing and repairing items rather than sending them to landfill.

Reuse Hoose

The University of Edinburgh work with many partners, social enterprises, charities and businesses to reduce our waste. By working together, the University ensures that as much waste as possible is diverted from landfill, and that items such as books, electrics and office equipment are reused or recycled.

To celebrate this, the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability in conjunction with the Waste & Recycling Department are holding the “Reuse Hoose” event in Potterrow Dome to provide staff and students with a chance to learn more about  reducing, reusing and recycling, and to introduce them to some of the innovative partners we work with and their exciting reuse projects.

Reuse Hoose

Tuesday 15th March, 10am - 2pm

Potterrow Dome, 5/2 Bristo Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL

Free entry

Reuse Hoose will give participants the opportunity to learn how to:

* Fix their belongings (bike, phone, and computer)

* Get hold of freebies (food/furniture/clothes)

* Save money… and the planet


Stallholders include:
  • Shrub: the first ever student-led Cooperative in the UK
  • Remade in Edinburgh: a social enterprise that teaches repair skills and campaigns for goods to be built to last
  • The Grassmarket Community Project: a sustainable social enterprise creating community and providing sanctuary to participants while teaching them new skills
  • Bright Green Initiative
  • The Bike Station: for advice and on-the-spot fixes
  • Hearty Squirrel: student and volunteer run food cooperative that provides healthy, local, ethical, organic and Fairtrade Food.
  • Changeworks: advice on reducing carbon, energy and waste.
  • Better World Books who keep books out of landfill by selling them on multiple online marketplaces.

The event will also celebrate the work of the University’s voluntary Waste and Recycling Coordinators who work within their own departments to encourage resource efficiency and waste minimisation.

By allowing staff and students to get hands on repairing bikes, upcycling furniture and swapping clothes, the event aims to increase awareness of the benefits of the circular economy and what everyone from individuals to large organisations can do to help Scotland transition to a resource-efficient economy.

The University’s current targets are to send zero biodegradable waste to landfill by 2020.


This event is inspired by Pass it On Week.

For more information and slot bookings please contact Alan Peddie.

Alan Peddie

Projects Coordinator

Contact details


  • Alan joined us from Estates Operations where he helped to achieve a Silver in the Sustainability Awards. He works on resource efficiency and the training that our department offers for staff and students.