Our food partnerships

The University collaborates in city-wide efforts to build a resilient local food system and transform food in our capital.

Edible Edinburgh

As a member of the Sustainable Food Cities Network, the City of Edinburgh has pledged to use food to address some of today’s most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges and to transform the local food culture and the wider food system.

Edible Edinburgh logo

These efforts are coordinated by Edible Edinburgh, a cross-cutting steering group chaired by Cllr Lesley Hinds that includes representatives from the public, private and third sectors. Edible Edinburgh’s vision is of “a city where good food is available for all, making for healthy people, thriving communities and a sustainable environment.”

An academic representative from the University’s FRIED network sits on the group, collaborating with other members and playing an active role in developing Edinburgh as a sustainable food city.

After a public consultation the group launched the Edible Edinburgh Sustainable Food City Plan in June 2014 and, more recently, the Edible Edinburgh Charter.

Edinburgh Food for Life Partnership

The University was a founding member of the Edinburgh Food for Life Partnership, an ambitious public sector collaboration between City of Edinburgh Council, NHS Lothian, the University and Soil Association Scotland with four central aims:


  1. Tackle barriers to providing seasonal, fresh, local and organic food 
  2. Achieve a Food for Life Catering Mark award for catering services in selected sites 
  3. Support children and young people, patients, students and staff to benefit from healthier and more sustainable food 
  4. Evaluate the impact of the project


Over the three-year pilot period the University was awarded a Food for Life Catering Mark at Bronze level, and City of Edinburgh Council became the first local authority to receive the catering mark in all of its schools.


The Partnership came to an end in June 2015.