Waste and Recycling

About us

The Waste and Recycling team are here to help you to improve your resource use, increase recycling and provide guidance.

Let's reuse more

Ordered to much? Don't need something any more? Exchange at work.

News for Waste and Recycling


Find out what's new in the world of Waste.

How do I dispose of...?

Waste items and how to recycle or dispose of them.

Reports and Resources

We provides yearly waste and recycling reports as well as posters, briefings and training slides for staff and students.

Laboratory Waste

How to deal with Healthcare, Special, Animal by-Product and other waste.

Policies and Guidance

Policies, legislation and WGNs that govern how we deal with waste within the University and our targets.

Do more, get involved

Find out how to get involved - become a waste coordinator