Sustainability Awards update: Apply now for the Special Awards

The Sustainability Awards offer an opportunity for staff and students to make a difference and contribute towards our University becoming more socially responsible and sustainable.

On 1st February, we’re looking forward to launching the Office and Lab Awards parts of our Sustainability Awards, which teams can enter to be audited in November 2016. There are Office and Lab toolkits to support teams that are designed to help everybody make a difference and improve sustainability across the University. In 2014/15, 31 teams achieved an Office Award and 10 teams achieved a Lab Award.

Before that launch, you still have the chance to submit applications for our Special Awards, open to all staff and students. We’re looking for the most sustainable projects that have happened this year in the following categories:


-Sustainability Impact

-Sustainable Labs

-Innovation for Sustainability

-Outstanding Contribution (individual – please note that you may not nominate yourself for this award)


Whether or not you’ve taken part in the Sustainability Awards before, any group of staff or students is eligible to submit an entry to the Special Awards in 2015/16. We just need a 500 word description of how your project or work has contributed to Sustainability at the University of Edinburgh in one of the categories above, to be submitted by 29th February 2016. Entries will be shortlisted and one winner per category will be selected by a panel of senior staff, including College Registrars of all Colleges, as well as those with remit around Community Engagement and Estates.

More information on the Special Awards