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Copy components to other funding years

Once components for the first year of funding have been added you can then copy any /all of these to any/all subsequent funding year.

Having added components for the first year of funding, you may wish to copy one or more of the components to one or more subsequent funding years. This is possible by selecting the Copy to other funding years button displayed beneath the funding components.

copy to other funding years


  •  Select which components you want to copy to other years.
Select components to copy


  • Select the funding year(s) that you want the components copied to.
Select funding year(s)


  • Select the OK button to copy selected components to year(s) selected.
Select OK to confirm copy


  • A confirmation message will be displayed.
Copy confirmed
  • On returning to the funding overview you will observe that the components have been copied to subsequent years. Please be aware, components are not copied as authorised, you must check and authorise components for subsequent years.  
funding overview