Student Systems

Subfund maintenance

A subfund, title given to the scheme and/or fund supplying the funds being allocated by College, School, Deanery or Centre/Institute to a student.

Subfunds are maintained by you and enable you to identify the source of the funds. These are for your own use and are not used for University reporting purposes. 

Once you add a new subfund, this will appear, along with all other subfunds, in the dropdown list presented when adding component details to a funding package.

  • Access the Maintain Package Subfunds from the Scholarship  Administration container on the Student Administration Staff Page.
Maintain Package Subfunds


This will present a list of all subfunds recorded in the tool.

  • Review available subfunds and if none meet your criteria, select the Add button.
Add button


  •  Enter a subfund Name and, should you so wish, a school contact and school finance contact, for the subfund.
subfund name


  • Select the Store button to add the new subfund.
store subfund


  • A confirmation message is then displayed to confirm the new subfund has been added.
confrim subfund