The Principal's Office

Mr Lee Hamill

Lee Hamill is the Director of Finance.

The Director of Finance has a direct reporting relationship to the Principal with respect to strategic and professional matters and in support of the latter’s role as Accounting Officer.  For budgeting purposes, Finance staff and services are part of Corporate Services Group.

Areas of responsibility

  • Overall management of the central Finance department of 470 staff and responsible for the professional financial standards of the finance community in the three Colleges and three Professional Services Groups
  • Providing advice to the Principal and University on Strategic Finance matters
  • Assessing and advising on the financial implications for the University of the UK and Scotland funding environments for research and education
  • Putting in place appropriate funding for the next period of the University’s development
  • Ensuring effective investment management of the University’s endowment and liquid assets
  • Managing the financial implications of merger activity
  • Ensuring that sound business cases support the University’s investment proposals
  • Developing the efficiency and service orientation of finance processes

Finance Department

University level committee membership

  • Estates Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Knowledge Strategy Committee
  • Policy and Resources Committee
  • Risk Management Committee
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Social Responsibility and Sustainability Committee
  • University Executive

Contact details

Lee can be contacted via his Executive Assistant Maureen Connelly via email to or direct by email below

Mr Lee Hamill

Director of Finance

  • University of Edinburgh
  • Finance Department

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Charles Stewart House
9-16 Chambers Street

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