The Principal's Office

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team comprises: Professor Peter Mathieson, Principal; Professor Kim Graham, Provost; Vice-Principals Professor David Argyle, Professor Iain Gordon, Professor Sarah Prescott, Ms. Leigh Chalmers, Mr. Gavin McLachlan, Dr. Catherine Martin, Professor Colm Harmon, and Professor Christina Boswell; Mr. Lee Hamill, Director of Finance.

Professor Kim Graham

Kim Graham holds a Personal Chair of Translational Cognitive Neuroscience and is the Provost.

Professor David Argyle

David Argyle is William Dick Chair of Veterinary Clinical Studies and Acting Head of the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Professor Iain Gordon

Iain Gordon is Professor of Mathematics, Vice-Principal and Head of the College of Science and Engineering.

Professor Sarah Prescott

Sarah Prescott is Professor of English Literature and Vice-Principal and Head of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Ms Leigh Chalmers

Leigh is Vice-Principal and University Secretary.

Mr Gavin McLachlan

Gavin McLachlan is Vice-Principal and Chief Information Officer, and Librarian to the University.

Dr Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin is Vice-Principal Corporate Services.

Professor Christina Boswell

Christina Boswell is Professor of Politics and Vice-Principal Research and Enterprise.

Professor Colm Harmon

Colm Harmon holds a personal chair in Applied Economics and is Vice-Principal Students.

Mr Lee Hamill

Lee Hamill is the Director of Finance.