The Principal's Office

Vice-Principals and Senior Leadership

Senior Leadership Team

The Principal is supported by  the Provost and a team of Vice-Principals who, alongside the Director of Finance, are responsible for the management and operation of major parts of the University and are members of the Senior Leadership Team.  In addition to the Senior Leadership Team, the Principal is supported by a number of Vice-Principals working to specific portfolios.

Vice-Principals are designated by the University Court on the recommendation of the Principal.

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team comprises: Professor Sir Peter Mathieson, Principal; Professor Kim Graham, Provost; Vice-Principals Professor David Argyle, Professor Iain Gordon, Professor Sarah Prescott, Ms. Leigh Chalmers, Mr. Gavin McLachlan, Dr. Catherine Martin, Professor Colm Harmon, and Professor Christina Boswell; Mr. Lee Hamill, Director of Finance.

Senior Leadership Team Remit

Remit for the Senior Leadership Team