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Senior Leadership Team Remit

Remit for the Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) comprises the University's most Senior Officers.  They meet regularly to consider matters of strategic importance to the University, especially where early-stage discussion is required. SLT also considers topics where there may be reputational and risk impacts for the University, or forthcoming Higher Education policy changes which could influence the University’s policies or procedures. SLT also considers operationally focused items where a shared agreement among the senior leadership of the University is beneficial. 

Agenda items are collectively generated, with full papers rarely provided, aligned to SLT’s focus on early-stage discussion and consensus.

Broad discussion, development and decisions around the University’s strategic objectives, management and policies take place at the University Executive, which involves a wider range of academic and professional senior leaders, as well as SLT members. University Executive receives full papers, either for discussion and development of collectively agreed approaches, or for decision-making and recommendation. University Executive is also provided with a summary of SLT’s discussion topics as part of the Principal’s update.

Only in exceptional circumstances, where an item is particularly contentious, confidential, could have significant reputational risk or requires a particularly quick response, would business be decided at SLT before going to the University Executive.

Further information on the University Executive is available from: University Executive


Details of the Membership of the Senior Leadership Team:

  • Professor Sir Peter Mathieson, Principal (Chair)
  • Professor Kim Graham, Provost
  • Professor David Argyle, Vice-Principal & Head of the College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine
  • Professor Christina Boswell, Vice-Principal Research and Enterprise
  • Ms. Leigh Chalmers, Vice-Principal and University Secretary
  • Professor Iain Gordon, Vice-Principal & Head of the College of Science & Engineering
  • Mr. Lee Hamill, Director of Finance
  • Professor Colm Harmon, Vice-Principal Students
  • Mr. Gavin McLachlan, Vice-Principal and Chief Information Officer, Librarian to the University
  • Dr. Catherine Martin, Vice-Principal Corporate Services
  • Professor Sarah Prescott, Vice-Principal & Head of the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Science


Meetings of the Senior Leadership Team are supported by Ms. Fiona Boyd, Chief of Staff & Head of the Principal’s Office, and any initial enquiries should be made to her.

Fiona Boyd

Chief of Staff & Head of Principal’s Office

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