Edinburgh Pathology

Dr Tim Kendall

Senior Clinical Fellow and Honorary Consultant Histopathologist

+44 (0)131 242 7007


Directorate of Laboratory Medicine

Pathology Department

NHS Lothian University Hospitals Division

The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

51 Little France Crescent

Edinburgh, EH16 4SA

Current Research

The Wt1+ mesothelium contributes to the hepatic stellate cell population during development, and after fibrotic liver injury in the subcapsular region; loss of Wt1 also influences liver parenchymal development. We aim to characterise the role of Wt1 in hepatic stellate cells in fibrotic and non-fibrotic liver injury and regeneration.


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Selected Publications

The clinical spectrum of Fontan-associated liver disease: results from a prospective multimodality screening cohort. Munsterman ID, Duijnhouwer AL, Kendall TJ, Bronkhorst CM, Ronot M, van Wettere M, van Dijk APJ, Drenth JPH, Tjwa ETTL; Nijmegen Fontan Initiative. Eur Heart J. 2018 Oct 20 PMID: 30346512

Serelaxin as a potential treatment for renal dysfunction in cirrhosis: Preclinical evaluation and results of a randomized phase 2 trial. Snowdon VK, Lachlan NJ, Hoy AM, Hadoke PW, Semple SI, Patel D, Mungall W, Kendall TJ, Thomson A, Lennen RJ, Jansen MA, Moran CM, Pellicoro A, Ramachandran P, Shaw I, Aucott RL, Severin T, Saini R7, Pak J, Yates D, Dongre N, Duffield JS, Webb DJ, Iredale JP, Hayes PC, Fallowfield JA. PLoS Med. 2017 Feb 28;14(2):e1002248. PMID:  28245243

Paracrine cellular senescence exacerbates biliary injury and impairs regeneration Ferreira Gonzalez, S., Lu, W., Raven, A., Dwyer, B., Man, T. Y., O’duibhir, E., Lewis, P. J. S., Campana, L., Kendall, T., Bird, T. G., Tarrats, N., Acosta, J., Boulter, L. & Forbes, S. J. 9 Mar 2018 In : Nature Communications. 9, 1 PMID: 29523787

Hepatic elastin content is predictive of adverse outcome in advanced fibrotic liver disease Kendall, T., Dolman, G. E., Duff, C., Paish, E. C., Zaitoun, A., Irving, W., Fallowfield, J. & Guha, I. N. 21 Feb 2018 In : Histopathology. PMID: 29464815

11βHSD1 deficiency or inhibition enhances hepatic myofibroblast activation in murine liver fibrosis Zou, X., Ramachandran, P., Kendall, T., Pellicoro, A., Dora, E., Aucott, R., Manwani, K., Man, T., Chapman, K., Henderson, N., Forbes, S., Webster, S., Iredale, J., Walker, B. & Michailidou, Z. 18 Dec 2017 In : Hepatology. PMID: 29251794

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