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Emily Southworth

PhD Student

Emily Southworth
Emily Southworth


Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

Institute of Genetics and Cancer,

The University of Edinburgh,

Crewe Road South,



Current research

I’m a second year PhD student based at The Institute of Genetics and Cancer at The University of Edinburgh. My project aims to profile the molecular and genetic makeup of synchronous ovarian and endometrial carcinomas, a relatively uncommon cancer type. We are working to determine if paired tumours within patients are related by comparing sequenced tumour DNA and assessing conserved protein expression patterns.  

Prior to my PhD, I completed an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Genetics with a Professional Placement Year at Newcastle University. My undergraduate project focused on the genetic hallmarks of childhood brain cancer.


PhD Student

Funding body

The Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland


Prof Mark Arends

Prof Simon Herrington


Southworth E, Croy I, Churchman M, Gourley C and Herrington CS, "2022-RA-1479-ESGO Sex hormone receptor expression, MSH2 and MSH6 loss, but not β-catenin nuclear translocation, is concordant between synchronous endometrial and ovarian carcinomas", International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer 2022;32:A373, doi:10.1136/ijgc-2022-ESGO.799

Goddard J, J Castle J, Southworth E, Fletcher A, Crosier S, Martin-Guerrero I, Garcia-Ariza M, Navajas A, Masliah-Planchon J, Bourdeaut F, Dufour C, Goschizk T, Pietsch T, Richardson S, Hill RM, Williamson D, Bailey S, Schwalbe EC, Clifford SC, Hicks D, "MEDB-71. Molecular characterisation of group 4 medulloblastoma improves risk-stratification and its biological understanding", Neuro-Oncology, Volume 24, Issue Supplement_1, June 2022, Page i123, doi:10.1093/neuonc/noac079.44

Goddard J, Castle J, Southworth E, Crosier S, Martin-Guerrero I, Garcia-Ariza M, Navajas A, Bourdeaut F, Dufour C, Goschzik T, Pietsch T, Williamson D, Bailey S, Schwalbe E, Clifford S, Hicks D,"EMBR-25. Genome-wide genetic and epigenetic assessment of group 4 Medulloblastoma for improved, biomarker driven, prognostication and risk-stratification", Neuro-Oncology, Volume 23, Issue Supplement_1, June 2021, Page i11, doi:10.1093/neuonc/noab090.043