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Sarah Taylor

PhD Student

Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor


Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

Institute of Genetics and Cancer,

The University of Edinburgh,

Crewe Road South,



Current research

Dynamic changes in Fanconi Anaemia protein expression in high grade serous ovarian cancer – impact on chemosensitivity and resistance.

Identification of DNA damage repair proteins of the Fanconi Anaemia family which are dysregulated in high grade serous ovarian cancer, and characterization of the impact of these alterations on ovarian cancer biology aspects using both in vitro techniques and analysis of clinical samples.


PhD Student

Funding body

The Pathological Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Prof Mark Arends

Dr Simon Langdon


Taylor S, Hollis RL, Gourley C, Herrington CS, Arends MJ, Langdon SP, “RFWD3: A Potential Biomarker for Platinum Response in High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer” (conference abstract) – Journal of Pathology April 2022; 256; pS12-S12

Taylor S, Hollis RL, Gourley C, Herrington CS, Arends MJ, Langdon SP, “Exploring the role of RFWD3 in chemosensitivity of high grade serous ovarian cancer” (conference abstract) – NCRI festival Nov 2021

Taylor S: “Curing the incurable: teaching an old drug new tricks to fight ovarian cancer”, The Observer, 17th October 2020

Taylor SJ, Arends MJ, Langdon SP, "Inhibitors of the Fanconi anaemia pathway as potential antitumour agents for ovarian cancer", Exploration of Targeted Anti-tumour Therapy. 2020;1:26-52, doi:10.37349/etat.2020.00003