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Dr Peter Bankhead


Dr Peter Bankhead
Dr Peter Bankhead

Email: p.bankhead@ed.ac.uk 

Work: +44 (0)131 651 8734


Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine

Institute of Genetics and Cancer

University of Edinburgh

Western General Hospital

Crewe Road South



Current Research

My main research focus is bioimage analysis and digital pathology. I am especially interested in developing new and practical approaches to analyse whole slide scans of tissue, collaborating with pathologists and other researchers to apply these methods to answer important biomedical questions.

A major challenge in working with whole slide images is their size and complexity: a typical scan may be up to 50 GB in size and contain several million cells. The analysis of these datasets involves combining conventional image processing and machine learning techniques with deep learning to interrogate the data at multiple resolutions.

My work is motivated by the belief that it is not only important to develop new algorithms, but also to make these algorithms efficient, intuitive, and accessible to other researchers. With this in mind, I created the QuPath open source digital pathology platform. This software is used by labs across the world for a wide range of image analysis applications, and my research group and I continue to maintain and advance QuPath as part of our work.

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Selected Publications

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