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Professor of Molecular Cancer Pathology

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PA Jan Irvine

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Current Research

My main research interest is pathological aspects of ovarian tumours, as part of the Nicola Murray Centre for Ovarian Cancer Research (Prof Charlie Gourley), with current projects including the molecular investigation of high-grade serous, low grade serous, endometrioid and clear cell ovarian carcinomas. I am Editor in Chief of The Journal of Pathology: Clinical Research. My research interests are aligned with my clinical practice in gynaecological pathology as a Consultant Pathologist with NHS Lothian.

Group Members

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Emily Southworth PhD Student   Email Emily Southworth

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The Journal of Pathology: Clinical Research Website


  • Prof Charlie Gourley, Oncology, University of Edinburgh
  • Prof Mark Arends, Pathology, University of Edinburgh

Selected Publications

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Hollis RL, Croy I, Churchman M, Bartos C, Rye T, Gourley C, Herrington CS, "Ovarian carcinosarcoma is a distinct form of ovarian cancer with poorer survival compared to tubo-ovarian high grade serous carcinoma", Br J Cancer. 2022; 127: 1034–1042. doi: 10.1038/s41416-022-01874-8

Sanderson PA, Esnal-Zufiaurre A, Arends MA, Herrington CS, Collins F, Williams ARW, Saunders PTK, "Improving the diagnosis of endometrial hyperplasia using computerized analysis and immunohistochemical biomarkers", Front Reprod Health. 2022; 4: 896170. doi: 10.3389/frph.2022.896170 . PMID: 36303676.

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