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Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

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Western General Hospital

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Current Research

Cancer is characterised by changes in cellular signalling pathways that regulate growth, survival, differentiation and invasion. We are seeking to improve the treatment of ovarian and breast cancer by developing therapeutic strategies that target the oestrogen receptor (ER), erbB / HER and DNA repair pathways and their related signalling pathways more effectively. Individual cancers have differing degrees of dependency on these pathways and we are investigating the associations between cell signalling via these receptors and cell fate; specifically linkage between pathway activation and outcomes such as growth, apoptosis and migration. We are characterising relevant subgroups of cancers amenable to appropriate therapeutic interventions based on specific inhibitors i.e. moving towards more personalised patient / tumour treatment. As part of this we are evaluating new inhibitors in preclinical models. We are also seeking to improve the use of radiotherapy in breast cancer. One of the limitations to its effectiveness is the development of hypoxia in poorly vascularised regions of the tumour. To counteract this, strategies that target hypoxic regions and other metabolic pathways modified within cancer cells are being developed.  The role and functions of several Fanconi Anaemia proteins are also being investigated.

Signalling within cancer cells is dynamic and can be complex and a static description is frequently limited. We are developing both experimental cancer models and systems biology approaches to describe and predict the effects of novel inhibitors on cell fate over time. The objective is to model signalling pathways in human cancer cells, to test these models experimentally and to integrate data from primary human cancers to identify new candidate targets and to suggest dynamic biomarkers that can then be validated pathologically and in clinical trials.

Group Members

Name Role Telephone Email
Sarah Taylor PhD student   Email Sarah Taylor


  • Professor Mark Arends, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor David Argyle, University of Edinburgh

  • Professor Ian Kunkler, University of Edinburgh

  • Dr Arran Turnbull, University of Edinburgh

  • Professor David Harrison, University of St Andrews

  • Professor Charlie Gourley, University of Edinburgh

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Selected Publications

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