Edinburgh Pathology

Dr Daniel Field

Academic Trainee Pathologist


Dr Daniel Field
Dr Daniel Field

Department of Pathology

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Edinburgh BioQuarter

51 Little France Crescent

Edinburgh EH16 4SA

Current research

I am an academic histopathology trainee who is currently in his pre-doctoral stage of training. My current research interests are broad and include the following:

  • Artificial intelligence aids in molecular pathology.
  • The management and characterisation of incidental prostate cancer found in patients undergoing a cystoprostatectomy.
  • Factors that influence lymph node yield in pancreatoduodenectomy and determination of optimal lymph node harvesting in these specimens. 

My doctoral work shall be centred around malignancies of the gastrointestinal and hepatopancreatobiliary system focusing on, but not limited to, two cancers of unmet need (from Cancer Research UK), oesophageal and pancreatic. I will be working with a multidisciplinary team from NHS Lothian and the University of Edinburgh to improve pathological understanding of these diseases.

Selected Publications

Field, D. T., Green, J. L., Bennett, R., Jenner, L. C., Sadofsky, L. R., Chapman, E., Loubani, M., & Rotchell, J. M. (2022). Microplastics in the surgical environment. Environment International, 170. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.envint.2022.107630

Whittaker, D. E., Oleari, R., Gregory, L. C., Le Quesne-Stabej, P., Williams, H. J., Torpiano, J. G., Formosa, N., Cachia, M. J., Field, D., Lettieri, A., Ocaka, L. A., Paganoni, A. J. J., Rajabali, S. H., Riegman, K. L. H., de Martini, L. B., Chaya, T., Robinson, I. C. A. F., Furukawa, T., Cariboni, A., … Dattani, M. T. (2021). A recessive PRDM13 mutation results in congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and cerebellar hypoplasia. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 131(24). https://doi.org/10.1172/JCI141587


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